Body Composition Applications

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body composition comparison data

Body Composition Laboratory
Normal Child Population Data

Z-scores for body composition attributes, such as bone mineral content or lean body mass, are available on-line to registered users. The data are based on thousands of measurements performed at the CNRC Body Comp Lab. A BMI calculator available to all users is presented, with data provided by the Department of Health. Growth charts for children are also presented in a graphing application that calculates height and weight percentiles.


Recent Publications

Researchers at the CNRC Body Comp Lab produce a number of publications each year. Among them are peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, technical notes, abstracts, and conference presentations. A list of the most recent and relevant contributions can be found here.

body composition publications
body composition protocols

Body Comp Lab Research Protocols

The laboratory is involved in many studies and collaborates with many investigators. Here are some examples of past and present research efforts.




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