BCM Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the availability of BCM Cloud. 

BCM Cloud is a solution designed for the BCM community providing data storage and server computing here at BCM.  Leveraging industry best practice and a highly scalable reference architecture called “FlexPod,” gain timely access to secure storage and server resources.

Get Started Now!

Navigate to the IT Service Catalog and select Data Center & Servers. Then, select the desired Discovery Server or Storage Request form to begin.

Product and Service Offerings

BCM Cloud offers the following products and services.

Discover Cloud 1.0 - Storage



Share Drive - Standard

General purpose data storage designed for file storage.  This storage works well for mapping drives between PCs, Mac, & Linux clients. Provides long-term retention capabilities.

Server Drive - Extension

Add additional storage capacity to your Discovery Server. Used to scale-out the size of the OS drive. Not generally used for file storage.

Included at no additional cost:

  • Data Protection (Backup) – Data Replicated to secondary data center
  • No Transfer Fees – Pay for what you use, no extra fees for transferring data in or out
Discovery Cloud 1.0 - Servers





Disk Space

Basic Server

General purpose server used for single application or web server.



60GB Share Drive - Performance

Standard Server

Server used for small database or hosting multiple applications.



160GB Share Drive - Performance

Premium Server

Server used for large database or intensive compute application.



240GB Share Drive - Performance

Included at no additional cost:

  • Data Protection (Backup) – Server backup to secondary data center
  • System Administration – Server OS patching and monitoring
  • Fault Tolerance – Greater server availability by design