Center for Precision Environmental Health



Fall 2020 CPEH Seminars Calendar

All seminars will be held the first Tuesday of the month at 11 a.m. The sessions will be held via zoom. Virtual lunch with trainees immediately following the seminar.

Contact Laura Guillen at for the zoom link and password prior to the start of the session.

Date Guest Affiliation Topic Host
Sept. 1 Ali Shilatifard Northwestern University Chromatin modifications, transcriptional initiation and transcriptional elongation in cancer Walker
Oct. 6 Almut Schulze University of Würzburg Metabolic reprogramming and cancer cell Hodges
Nov. 3 Som Mukhopadhyay University of Texas at Austin Manganese neurotoxicity & Parkinson’s Disease Gorelick
Dec. 1 Emily Dykhuizen Purdue University Understanding & targeting chromatin regulation in cancer Tripathi