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Integrating Ethics into the Science of Behavior Change: An Ethical Framework for Clinicians and Policymakers


Project Description

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Behavioral Economics and Medical Decision Making

Dr. Blumenthal-Barby received two career development awards to carry out original research on the clinical and policy dilemmas arising at the intersection of ethics and decision science. The science of behavior change describes the power to influence individual and group health behaviors, which raises many ethical issues. The goal of this study is to clarify and address these ethical issues and categorize them into a set of recommendations for policymakers and researchers considering utilizing science of behavior change techniques. In addition, this research seeks to identify settings in which clinicians envision implementing science of behavior change techniques to influence their patients’ health decisions and behaviors. These results will lead to the development of ethically justified recommendations for clinicians to implement science of behavior change techniques.

Supported by: The Greenwall Foundation and The Pfizer Foundation

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Project Personnel


Principal Investigator

Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

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