Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Advisory Council


Members of the Advisory Council serve as ambassadors on behalf of the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine. The Advisory Council provides a liaison to members of the broader Houston community, identifies community members with whom the center should forge relationships, plans community outreach events, engages community members to raise money and help build the center's philanthropic base, and provides guidance on strategic planning decisions for the center.


Meet Our Members


• Denise Adjei
• Cynthia Aguirre
• Sally Clark
• Virginia Clark, Speaker Series Co-Facilitator
• Nancy Dunlap
• Joanne Edmundson
• Doe Florsheim
• Jill Glanville
• Melanie Gray
• Olive Hughes
• Sheri Khatami
• Carolyn Kneese
• Elizabeth Paris
• N.J. Pierce
• Margaret Regan
• Becky Wheeler, Speaker Series Co-Facilitator
• Dr. Kevin Winfield