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Arts in Aging 2020 Calendar

Each year, we salute the "Arts in Aging" as a complement to a good life long lived. In each edition, we feature the works of artists ranging in age from 70 to over 100. The scenes and people they painted depict life around the globe; the eclectic look of the calendar is indicative of the wonderful differences in people worldwide.

Goethe correctly said that "Science and Art belong to the whole World and the barriers of nationality vanish before them." Born in the first half of the last century, these artists remind us daily that older people make important contributions to the quality of our lives. Their creativity is timeless and the beauty their eyes saw, we see in these wonderful works.


Calendars by Year

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25th Edition, featuring artists ranging from 69 to 92


Item Definition

24th edition, featuring artists ranging from 76 to 92