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Office of Outreach and Health Disparities
Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center
One Baylor Plaza
Houston, TX 77030

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The OOHD is committed to educate the community about cancer through its collaborative work in community-based organizations and through public and professional education initiatives. The OOHD has been an active partner in a wide range of programs and community events to help raise awareness about the importance of cancer prevention and early detection.

Our Theater Outreach Program works with community organizations to develop breast, cervical and colorectal cancer related plays and monologues for underserved populations in areas where there are high incidences of cancer. The OOHD, along with our collaborators, Harris Health System, sponsors entertaining performances to raise awareness about cancer and educate about prevention. At all events, a guest doctor is present and participates in a Q & A session, so attendees have an opportunity to speak to a trained expert about cancer prevention.

If you would like to host one of our free plays or monologues at your next community event, in the Houston or surrounding areas, please call (713) 798-3636 to speak to one of our team members.

Required to book a Monologue: Target specific group of at least 20 individuals as a captive audience and at least 45 minutes allotted time in an enclosed room with chairs.

What OOHD will offer: Marketing fliers; Programs including resource information; 15-20 minute breast, cervical or colorectal cancer monologue; Q&A session with Healthcare Professional; Community Healthcare Worker on site; Educational printed materials for audience members, including giveaways; Light snack & refreshments.

Booths or exhibits will be staffed by our bilingual team member who will be able to answer attendees’ questions. Please note that we require four weeks’ notice to ensure the availability of staff for any event or program.

For more information or to make a request, please contact us by phone at (713) 798-6643, by fax (713) 798-2716, or email cancerprevention@bcm.edu. Download our Event Request Form.