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Even though Houston is a big city with a thriving economy, the cost-of-living is low and housing options are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other big cities and other parts of the country. Want to crunch the numbers? See these cost-of-living calculators: BankRateBest PlacesHomefair.

Looking for a house, apartment, condo, or even dormitory? You’ll be able to find a large range of options for what you’re looking for.

As a general rule, the closer you live to the Medical Center, the more expensive it is, but you’ll have to factor in the additional cost of transportation and parking here if you live further out.

Useful sites to find apartment complexes include Apartment GuideHouston Apartment LivingMove.com, and Rental Properties Source.

Other ways to find housing include Houston ChronicleHouston PressThe Greensheet. Keep in mind that the neighborhoods/areas close to the medical center are: Rice-Medical Center, Binz, Montrose, West University, Greenway Plaza, River Oaks, Reliant, and Southside Place.

If you’re planning to purchase a house or condominium, Houston Association of Realtors is a good starting point.

Apartment Locating Service

An easy way to find an apartment, condominium or house for rent is to work with an apartment locating service, which is generally free for the person renting because property owners pay the fees. There are many services like this available in Houston, including:

Haley McGee @ Apartment Giver: (713) 819-4629

MyCheapApartments.com (Contact: Mary Ann Lazar)


Apartment Directions (Contact: Karen Reichek), (713)789-3777

Houston Apartment Insiders (713) 581-1055, info@houstonapartmentinsider.com

RentXYZ.com, (713) 464-7530

All Texas Apartment Locator, (1) (888) 825-6350

Stephanie Shelton Properties, Inc., (713) 885-0100

VEZ (Contact Emil Zaporteza), (713) 539-7974

Apartment Access Locators, (1) (800) 846-4423

Apartment Locator (ask for Suzanne), (713) 838-0229

Apartment Living Locators, (1) (800) 972-4004


Find It, (1) (800)-435-RENT



There is one dormitory located in the Texas Medical Center (located within 100 yards of Baylor), which is available to students. It is close to school and relatively inexpensive (furniture included); however, it is a dormitory.

Contact: Favrot Hall
6540 Bellows Lane
Phone: (713) 797-0962
Email: favrot@texmedctr.tmc.edu

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