Riding out Harvey - Rock Morille, Facilities Vice President

Rock Morille, vice president of facilities, explains how Baylor College of Medicine's infrastructure held up against Hurricane Harvey. 

Research Returns to Normal Following Storm

“Those who lived through Allison returned to chaos, disruption and uncertainty,” recalled Dr. Richard Gibbs, director of the Human Genome Sequencing Center. “What’s remarkable now is how un-remarkable it is to come back on campus” following four days of closure.

Quick Clinic Reopening Served Patients’ Needs

For Kristin Wade, vice president of nursing, the College’s clinical recovery efforts began before the floodwater had drained from the Texas Medical Center. “Even when we are closed we have physicians on call and answering MyChart questions. Our patients still need taking care of,” she said.

Riding out Harvey - Dr. Varshana Gurusamy

As Hurricane Harvey made its way through Houston, most people were sheltered in place for days at a time due to flooding. For Baylor College of Medicine radiology resident Dr. Varshana Gurusamy, that place was Ben Taub Hospital. Here, she recounts her experience.