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Uniform Guidance


Effective July 1, 2018, Baylor College of Medicine implemented the new Uniform Guidance Procurement Rules in order to comply with procurement requirements (2_CFR 200.318 – 326) of the Office of Management and Budget’s “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, commonly known as “Uniform Guidance”.

The Uniform Guidance is a set of regulations located in the Code of Federal Regulations at 2 CFR 200. It provides the overarching guidelines for administering Federal awards and expenditures. This guidance provides both federal agencies and the entities that receive federal funds a set of standard guidance for determining the allowability of charges to federal funds. As the College is a recipient of federal funds, we should all be very familiar with its principles. Further, the College extends the standards of Uniform Guidance to all purchases, regardless of funding source.

What’s Changing for Baylor?

  • The Supply Chain Department is the central purchasing authority for the College.
  • If your purchase is $3,000 or less and not in the punch-out catalogs, you should use your PCard to make the purchase.
  • Quotes are required for all free text shopping carts. For additional information, please review the procurement Quick Reference Guide.
  • Sole Source Justifications are required when only one supplier can provide the goods or services needed. Examples of justifications include inadequate competition, a public exigency or emergency, or a federal awarding agency's authorization. (Download this document to make editable. Open with Adobe.)
  • Competitive bidding is required for products or services with an aggregate total value of $250,000 or greater for vendors not under contract with the College. Please contact Supply Chain for assistance in the bidding process or completing a Sole Source justification form.