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The Supply Chain Department is the central purchasing authority for the College.

In addition:

  • Vendor communication and negotiations will be handled by the Buyers and Contract Specialists within the Supply Chain Department. The Supply Chain Department will work to maximize the value of the products and services procured by the College.
  • If your purchase is $3,000 or less and not in the Punch-Out catalogs, you should use your PCard to make the purchase.
  • Quotes are required for most free text shopping carts. For additional information, review the procurement Quick Reference Guide.
  • Competitive bidding is required for products or services with an aggregate total value of $250,000 or greater. Contact Supply Chain for guidance on this process.
  • The leading practice will be to use vendors under contract.
  • Sole Source Justifications are required when only one supplier can provide the goods/services needed. Examples of justifications include inadequate competition, a public exigency or emergency, or a federal awarding agency's authorization. View the quick reference guide.
  • All written forms of agreement for the purchase of goods and services should be sent through the Contract Routing process for review. View the quick reference guide.
  • Purchase orders will not cross fiscal years. Each fiscal year, a new PO should be created. All POs must encumber the full twelve month estimate of costs. (For example, if you historically have spent about $500 each month, your total PO should be for $6,000.)
  • In order to avoid a blocked invoice payment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do a Goods Receipt on your purchase orders as required.
  • All old, open purchase orders will be closed, starting with leases and their associated services. Next, purchases orders for ongoing services such as repair technicians or temporary labor will be closed as they are identified.
  • Note that subcontracts will be excluded from this process, as they must roll from year to year over the life of the award. They will be encumbered for the entire grant period.
  • Departments are no longer allowed to change or add to purchase orders, and the access to do so will be going away with Mosaic (Baylor login required). If your purchase order requires updating, email the buyer who created your purchase order.
  • Going forward, our vendors will be instructed to not accept orders via telephone unless they are in receipt of a newly issued purchase order via email attachment or electronic transmission via the Punch-Out catalogs.