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Looking for Your Purchase Order (PO) Number?


To track the status of the shopping cart as it relates to a Purchase Order being generated, please view the quick reference guide.


The various shopping cart statuses are:

Saved - This cart has been saved and needs to be ordered to be processed in workflow.
Awaiting Approval - This cart is awaiting approval within SRM workflow. Please see the processor column for the approvers responsible for next actions.
Approved - This cart has been approved in SRM and has been sent to Supply Chain to be processed into a purchase order (PO).
In Your Inbox - This cart is in your Messages tab in SRM and needs your attention to edit the shopping cart.
Deleted - This cart has been deleted and a new shopping cart will need to be created to proceed with the ordering process.
Rejected - This cart has been rejected by an approver. The shopping cart will need to be edited in order to proceed with the ordering process. The rejection should not be accepted in order to edit.
Release Rejected - This rejection of the cart has been accepted and the shopping cart has been deleted. A new shopping cart will need to be created.


Shopping Cart Workflow Approval


After your shopping cart has been submitted, an email notification is sent to the departmental approver. If additional levels of approval are required, the shopping cart will automatically be routed through the workflow to the appropriate approver.

Approval workflow depends on the following:

• Type of items that are in the shopping cart
• Dollar amount of items in the shopping cart
• Account Assignment (Cost Center vs. WBS Element)

The requisitioner will receive an email notification when a purchase order is created and is being sent to the vendor.


Looking to return your item?


View the Baylor return process.

If your purchase is from Apple, please note that you only have 30 days from the date of purchase to return. View more information on how to register and submit a return request.