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The following requirements must be met before requesting a Twitter account:

  • The Baylor group must be listed on the Baylor website.
  • Three drafted posts per week must be sent in to Anna Kiappes for three consecutive weeks.

Requesters and Maintainers


Requesters and maintainers should become familiar with the following guidelines:

  • All Baylor Twitter accounts are to be set up by Institutional Web Management and will use the official, approved Baylor logo following the College's branding guidelines.
  • The department, organization or clinic must be listed on the bcm.edu website before a social media account can be created.
  • A social media account cannot be created in lieu of an .edu site. Twitter accounts are to be used as supplements to the .edu presence.
  • All Baylor social media pages should include a link to .
  • Once created, accounts are managed and monitored by designated administrators. There may only be two administrators listed on the account.
  • Accounts must be regularly updated, posting at least three times a week. Accounts that become deleted by Institutional Web Management and can be published/visible to the public again if maintainers return to actively posting on the site.
  • Every word that is included in a Baylor study Twitter post must be reviewed and approved for advertisement and social media by the Institutional Review Board (Baylor login required). Before filling out a Twitter account request form, submit information to IRB. A Twitter profile will not be created without IRB-approved documentation.
  • Baylor-affiliated Twitter profiles are not private. As a rule, never write anything you wouldn’t want published on the front page of a newspaper. Even if you delete content, it can live in other places of the Internet.
  • Do not participate in any online quizzes, personality tests or other promotions that allow third parties to gain access to your content or information.

Steps to Request a Twitter Account


To request a Twitter account:

  1. Fill out the Twitter Account Request Form.
  2. Before a Twitter account application is considered for approval, prospective Twitter account managers and administrators will need to send three drafted posts per week to Anna Kiappes for three weeks including content that is relevant to the department, center or group.
  3. Institutional Web Management will create the account with basic information and send the login information to the designated administrators.