Baylor College of Medicine has a strong commitment to inclusion of all businesses, both large and small. The Supplier Diversity and Small Business program helps support that commitment by promoting a business environment where our institution and small business' can both benefit.

Our goal is to bring together members of our institution with suppliers who can deliver the best valued, highest quality products and services by encouraging competition among all suppliers both large and small.

We are committed to including small and diverse businesses when considering the procurement of services and products used at Baylor. For that reason, we are always on the look out for suppliers who can assist us in meeting our challenge of providing the goods and services required of a medical research community.

We accomplish this goal by:

  • Pro-actively looking for ways to integrate small and diverse businesses into our sourcing opportunities
  • Educating our Baylor community on the benefits of procuring goods and services from small and diverse businesses
  • Monitoring our progress towards achieving our small and diverse spending goals with emphasis on continuous improvement and reporting those findings to executive management
  • Verifying that businesses meet the required certifications regarding ownership status
  • Participating in local small business and minority