About the Program

Program Length: Center of Excellence medical student scholars, are selected as an MS1, and will participate in Center of Excellence in Health Equity, Training and Research activities throughout their four years of medical school at Baylor. Alumni of the program will continue to have access to resources, information, events and other relevant programs offered by the center.  

Hours Per Week: For the 2019-2020 cohort of COE medical student scholars, the time commitment will be three-five hours per week during the pre-clerkship curriculum and three-five hours per week during clerkship curriculum. 

Curricular Components: COE medical student scholars must complete either an eligible MD specialized curriculum pathway (e.g., Care of the Underserved, Medical Ethics, Healthcare Policy or Global Health) or at least one of the 4-week, health equity-related advanced clinical electives from the Care of the Underserved Pathway. Scholars will also be asked to complete an health equity research elective. COE activities for medical student scholars will include academic, wellness and career success activities including test prep; learning and study skills enhancements; and health equity research project and clinical rotations focused on cultural competence, health equity, social determinants of health and issues in health disparities.

Stipend: Up to $1,500 stipend and $500 travel stipend for research presentation at a professional conference.


Prospective applicants must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

- Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

- Applicant must be from an eligible underrepresented minority population*

- Applicant must be an medical student in good standing of the Baylor College of Medicine, School of Medicine

* This is a required condition of the Health Resources and Services Administration Center of Excellence grant program. The goal of the COE program is to strengthen the national capacity to produce a quality healthcare workforce whose racial and ethnic diversity is representative of the U.S. population. For the COE grant program, underrepresented minority populations includes Blacks or African-Americans, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Eskimos, Aleuts, Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics or Latinos.