Baylor College of Medicine is firmly committed to the highest ethical practices and compliance standards.

The goal of this program is to ensure the appropriate documentation, coding and billing of professional services in accordance with regulatory requirements. For information on this program, contact Patty Sherry, compliance manager at or call (713) 798-1134.

Code of Conduct

The Baylor Code of Conduct is our comprehensive framework for ethical and professional standards. It is designed to ensure that we, all members of the Baylor community, understand the expectations to conduct ourselves in an ethical and professional manner while complying with all laws, regulations, rules and policies to the fullest degree.

Conflict of Interest

To provide guidance in effecting Baylor conflict of interest philosophy, this policy identifies apparent conflicts and provides management strategies for dealing with them.

View the College's Financial Conflicts of Interest page (Baylor login required) which provides guidance on the disclosure and management of conflicts that are related to research activities.

Campus Safety and Security

Baylor Security reports crimes as required by law, including a running 60-day crime report per the federal Clery Act and annual crime statistics reports.

Environmental Safety

The Office of Environmental Safety is charged with the responsibility to ensure that Baylor College of Medicine remains compliant with all federal, state and local environmental regulations through implementation of ongoing educational outreach, and technical assistance service programs to Baylor administration, faculty and staff. For information contact Paul Muraca, director, 713-798-6617, or Thelma Foreman, administrator, 713-798-6612.


Baylor College of Medicine is committed to protecting the privacy of our student’s educational records in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

HIPAA Program

This program is designed to ensure compliance with the Privacy and Security protections of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. For more information, contact Jeff Pounds at, call (713) 798-7618, or view the Baylor HIPAA Privacy Notice.

Research Compliance

Baylor College of Medicine researchers seek to practice the highest standards of conduct in protecting human subjects and pursuing scientific excellence. If you have questions or concerns about enrolling and participating in clinical research, please review the advisory notice, contact Baylor Research Compliance Services at (713) 798-6986, or the Baylor IRB office at (713) 798-6970.