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ATCC Master Agreement


BCM Poised to Benefit from Commercial Use of Deposited Materials


In January of 2013, BCM finalized a master license agreement with the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) that allows BCM to receive royalties on sales of biological materials deposited at ATCC. Previously, ATCC had maintained materials deposited by BCM faculty and made them available for sale to the non-profit and for-profit research communities. However, until now, BCM did not profit from such sales. Following the execution of the Master Deposit Agreement, BCM will now receive royalties on the sales of such deposited materials. In return, BCM will share a portion of licensing revenue received from for-profit entities that have purchased the materials from ATCC following the execution of a license agreement from BCM. The agreement provides depositors financial incentives to deposit materials at ATCC and streamlines the process for future deposits.


BLG Annual Report 2013


View the FY'13 annual report pdf for information on the year in review, agreement highlights and profiles in innovation.